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I just updated many of the tools on the site as some had broken with upgrading of programs and the OS. Others had some bugs in them that showed up sometime. On still others, the underlying software used to generate the output broke (ie tcpshow). So, enjoy and let me know if anything is broken or lacking.

These documents and tools were created by me while I worked at Verio as well as all the time since then. As such, there are still some references to "customers" and maybe even some procedures we used while I worked there. Since the content is just fine, just a bit weird to read, I haven't updated these and am focusing more on adding new content rather than fixing these "bugs".

If you are interested in seeing more content added to the site, and particularly if you have any topics you would like to see covered, then please let me know. I am interested in adding content/tools that will be read and used. So, anytime I run across stuff that I think is useful, I add it.

This site is part of the Ring of Saturn family of sites. Check out the other sites when you have some time as theres quite a bit of content floating around, some of it personal, some of it fun.

Recently Updated Documents

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